Increasing efficiency with Polygrain: Eder nursery relies on innovative solutions

The Eder nursery is a traditional family business in Hollabrunn, founded in 1938 and now run by the fourth generation. The company has always been characterized by a successful combination of tradition and innovation. With three main areas of business – growing seasonal plants such as poinsettias and pelargoniums, floristry and trading in fruit and vegetables for the catering trade – the nursery is a valued partner in the region.

A special aspect of the business is cemetery maintenance, where Gärtnerei Eder offers its customers comprehensive grave care. However, the increasingly hot summers increase water consumption considerably and make regular watering necessary. This is a challenge not only because of the high water requirement, but also because of the amount of work involved. To overcome these challenges, the nursery has now introduced Polygrain – a water-retaining granulate that reduces watering requirements by a third. This considerable reduction in the frequency of watering enables the nursery to use valuable time and resources more effectively, reduce the workload on employees and thus also significantly reduce costs. This increase in efficiency leads to a more efficient use of human resources and supports sustainable operational management.

“For me, the question is not whether I can afford polygrain, but whether I can afford to do without it,” emphasize Christian Holzer and Birgit Eder-Holzer, owners of Gärtnerei Eder. “Even with just a few grams per plant, which only cost a few cents, I save 20 hours of work every month. My employees can use this time for more valuable tasks. In addition, the granulate is effective for up to five years, making it an extremely cost-effective and sustainable solution.”

Thanks to the introduction of Polygrain, the Eder nursery can now save one watering per week, resulting in a reduction of five working hours per week. This significantly reduces operating costs and supports the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The Eder nursery is an excellent example of how traditional businesses can both increase their efficiency and reduce their ecological footprint by using modern technologies. With Polygrain, the nursery is setting new standards in garden and cemetery maintenance.