Climate change poses ever greater challenges for forestry worldwide, particularly due to water shortages and drought stress. These threats are particularly acute in regions such as Europe, where forests play an important ecological and economic role.

With an area of around 159 million hectares, covering around 39% of the EU territory, European forests are not only an important source of timber production, but also crucial for biodiversity and climate protection ( European Commission ).

Our answer to these challenges is POLYGRAIN, an advanced water-retaining granulate that can store up to 200 times its own weight in water. This ability makes it an indispensable helper in reforestation and in protecting young plants during dry periods. With POLYGRAIN, we not only ensure the successful growth of young trees, but also support the long-term health and performance of your forests. At a time when climate change is putting increasing pressure on European forests, our water-retaining granules offer a reliable solution that meets the requirements of modern forestry.

Simply greener

POLYGRAIN application in the forestry sector



Sprinkle POLYGRAIN into the planting hole or into the planting furrow directly under the roots.


Insert the young plant mechanically or manually as usual.


As a result, the water reservoir
filled for the first time.

in the application

Polygrain is versatile and is suitable both for planting new bare-root plants and for container plants with smaller or larger root balls. It can be used effectively for both mechanical and manual planting. The product is applied to the bottom of the planting hole prepared with a planting spade, hollow spade or auger and mixed with the soil. After planting the seedling, the planting hole is filled up, pressed down firmly and watered abundantly. For larger root balls, ensure that the planting hole is dug appropriately deeper and that Polygrain is placed both underneath and to the side of the root ball, leaving an upper covering layer untreated.

Note: POLYGRAIN is the further product development of POLYTER