Website launch

30. May 2024 | General

Our new website has been live for about four weeks and marks another important step in the right direction for Green Legacy. This year has been incredibly exciting and successful for us so far. In March, we launched our innovative Polygrain product on the market, and interest in it was and remains high. Polygrain is a product that can sustainably and demonstrably support agriculture and forestry in the face of increasing climate change.

The launch of the new website is just the beginning. It is modern and user-friendly, currently available in English and German, and will soon be available in other languages. This enables us to reach our international customers and partners even better. In order to achieve our goals, we have also expanded our team with new, dedicated employees who support our mission. We regularly take part in events and have already planned many other exciting trade fair participations and collaborations, which you can also read about regularly on our website.

As a startup, we have big plans. We want to promote the topic of sustainable agricultural technology and present our innovative products not only on the Austrian market, but also internationally. With Polygrain and the recently launched Polysorb, we are setting new standards in the field of soil additives and water efficiency.

Stay tuned and follow our journey.