Urban greening, landscaping, gardening

Increasing drought is posing a growing challenge to professional gardening and landscaping, particularly in the care of shrubs and the design of communal and public green spaces. Long periods of drought lead to considerable drought stress not only for shrubs, but also for large-scale landscape projects.

Polygrain offers an effective solution for use in urban and municipal green spaces as well as in extensive landscaping projects. By improving water retention in the soil layers, Polygrain helps to significantly reduce irrigation intervals and maintain plant diversity and health even under difficult climatic conditions.

The use of Polygrain in landscaping helps to reduce operating costs and promotes the sustainability of projects. It improves soil quality, supports the development of robust, drought-resistant plant communities and plays a crucial role in creating sustainable and resilient urban and landscape green spaces. For landscape architects and urban planners, Polygrain offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to meet the aesthetic and ecological requirements of modern urbanization.

Simply greener

POLYGRAIN application in the forestry sector



Sprinkle POLYGRAIN into the planting hole or into the planting furrow directly under the roots.


Insert the young plant mechanically or manually as usual.


As a result, the water reservoir
filled for the first time.